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How to House Train your Puppy or Adult Dog

After you familiarize yourself with your dogs relieving sign and time, it's time to move further to house train your dog and teach him the right place to go.

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  1. During the bathroom time you must watch your dog like a hawk. Never let him out of your sight. You must wait for the sign to appear. After you got the sign, quickly get your dog outside. If you don't have time to watch, put your dog in his kennel. Because a kennel is a safe and comfortable place for your dog, he would never want to mess it by relieving inside it. So he will likely become really anxious to go outside and might bark to call you to let him outside the kennel to relieve.
  2. Create a special place in your garden where you want your dog to relieve. This is the place you want to take your dog when you get the bathroom sign. Wait there until your dog finish relieving while praising your dog. This positive reinforcement will make your dog think that if he relieve in that special place he will get a reward.
  3. If you are too late to take your dog outside and he accidentally urinate or defecate inside the house, you must give your dog a firm correction not more than 5 seconds after the accident. This correction will make your dog associate relieving inside the house as an inconvenient experience. So in the future he would rather relieve outside where they get a reward than inside.
  4. Repeat, repeat and repeat the training everyday consistently to make sure your dog understand how to eliminate properly.

If you follow the above steps religiously, it is not impossible to completely house break your dog within 2 weeks. Of course there are other factors that can affect the time such as age, breed, and temperament, but with consistency your dog will know the bathroom manner in no time.

What if The Potty Training Doesn't Work?

Sometimes there are dogs that are a little bit hard to house train. Maybe it because of the breed (basset hound, for instance, is notorious for being hard to house trained) or your dog might have a bladder problem. In general, if you have a difficulty in house train your dog, I highly suggest you to find a professional help.

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